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January 02, 2007



cool, i just got a great idea! Time to get the putty out!


hey whens the deadline?

Crazy Aaron

Dec31, 2007


Yays! :D


are you serious!?! cant u make the deadline sooner? like August? ha. oh well thats cool either way.


Yo Crazy Aaron, I live in Pa and I visit Philly about once a year. I was wondering if on an upcoming trip if i could stop by the factory and buy some putty on the spot! I'd really like to see some of the llution putties in person, (because the three can of thinking putty I reacived were gifts, Im not allowed to buy stuff via internet).

Thank ALOT, from your biggest fan, Cullen

Crazy Aaron


Thanks for writing. I'm sorry but our factory and office is not open to the public. We just aren't equipped to handle visitors. Our satisfaction guarantee is 100%. If you were to order the illusions putties, you could return some or all of them once you've had a chance to view them in person. We would refund not only the cost of the putty but also the shipping charge as well. Perhaps you could find someone to help you with the online purchase? Alternately, you can send in a check or money order and we can handle the transaction offline.

Let me know your thoughts.




Thank for the add. Also, I'm glad you told me about the check thing because I could arange that and I'd LOVE to see the Scarb Putty in person so be expecting an order soon. What does space putty look like?

From your biggest (non-tatooed) Fan!!!

Crazy Aaron

The space putty looks like white putty with some grime, ashes of the deceased, bits of plastic, and foam stuck to it. I'll be posting pictures soon


when are we gonna be able to order some?

Crazy Aaron

Because the rocket crashed we were not able to get the putty into space. We'll have to try again but I'm not sure when that will be. Stay posted.

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