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January 31, 2008



That sounds like it would be fun to do. I'd probobly buy it.


I love the idea.
I always look at the sites that post recipes on how to make your own thing ... but some of the things are hard to come by in austria (elmers glue is often asked for .... I'm too lazy too search for something similar here) ... so being able to order it would be great.

Would it be possible to change the colors, maybe even make the glow in the dark ones? Or invent new colors? *g*


Oh wow, that sounds like it would be really neat!!! I'd love to make my own putty! And I know my sisters would love that also! I gave everyone on my x-mas list a tin of Thinking Putty, EVERYONE LOOOOOOVED IT! Super cool stuff! Keep up the AWESOMMMMME work!


awesome idea. I'd buy a bunch and give them to my neices and nephews to play with. They'd love it too!

Socially Ineptâ„¢

I would totally buy it. I would even order in advance...:)


That would be realy cool I could see schools using it for chemistry.


i love to buy that and make it with my brothers sounds like a great idea.

Jeff & Jenn

That's exactly what I've been hoping / looking for. It would be perfect for my Son's Sceince Fair project (and fun at home too).

Maybe two sizes: small (enough to make 1/5 pound) and large (enough to make a whole pound)

I'll stand in line to purchase that!



I like the idea! You could put out a supplement that allowed the purchaser to customize their own colors. :)

Christopher Cashell


A putty kit would be absolutely amazing. I have a nephew who's 13, and he *loves* playing with Thinking Putty. I think getting together with him and a putty kit to actually make it would be an absolute blast.

And, I have to admit, I think it'd be a lot of fun for me to play with. ;-)

I would definitely buy multiple putty kits.

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