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July 20, 2008


justin wright

sure, i'd love to try out a new colour.
everyone at the office is intrigued by the "Strange Attractor"


Me Me! I want to try a free sample!

Ben Henderson

Hey I wanna try out a color! :)


I'd like to try one!


I would love to try a new color!


I work with disabled children as an Occupational Therapist. would love a sample to share with students, coworkers, parents and teachers!!!!


I would be very happy if I could get one!! (I'm in Hungary, but I still trust! ;-))


Long time customer, first time reader! I know i'm past the 3rd comment, but was worth a shot to say I'd love to try out the new color :)


Well, I know it's way too late, but I would love to try out any new products! I love my gorgeous Scarab, and my co-workers dig the Sunburst color sensitive putty. You never know where it will turn up... wrapped around coffee mugs or lurking atop your CPU!


I want one tooooo!!!! Pleaseeeeee!!!!

Crazy Aaron

Thanks for all your comments. The first three commenters have been selected. Hopefully they'll like it and another color can be added to the rainbow!


I LOVE that color and I think it would be a great addition to your other colors.I have an exclusive color called Mistletoe that was only available last Christmas.I am hoping that soon I will be able to get some more putty from your website.If you could a would be very happy to test out a new color.


I meant I would be very happy to test out a new color.Sorry for that typo\mistake!!!

Account Deleted

Hi, I am aware that it's way too late, but let me put in. I would love to try out any new products! I love my putty when creating stuffs with my kids. It gives shapes to your imagination!


Nike Shox TW

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