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April 19, 2010



I won a sample of the clear putty in your Facebook contest, and my kids and I love it! We've had a ton of fun playing with it (though I was a little less pleased to discover a misplaced bit of clear putty in our silverware drawer this morning)! I'm going to hit the kids up for name ideas!


Jessica, we're so glad you like it. But we agree, clear Thinking Putty is best when it stays near its tin...


My name submission would have to be "snot"


it looks like it would be...stickier. Does it feel the same as the others?

Brenda Hughes

I think a good name would be "Essence"


It is stickier, although Crazy Aaron has made it less sticky since he started experimenting with it a few weeks ago. But it's definitely different than regular Thinking Putty. I think it's kind of its own thing! A new breed of Thinking Putty!


WTF why was my comment deleted!? Awesome appreciation of a long time customer...


We haven't deleted any posts on this blog ever Ron. I have no idea what you're talking about. You can email me at amanda@puttyworld.com if you want, but I can guarantee you that nothing was deleted by anyone T Puttyworld! We love comments!


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Have a name suggestion? The contest officially starts now and ends the morning of April 26th, 2010 (that means you have one week to think).

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it looks like it would be...stickier. Does it feel the same as the others?

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