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April 26, 2010


Jason Reed

Dang. . .no Arizona stores!


Excellent! 2 stores in my town will carry it. Yay.


Zero Wampum in Wakefield is such a cute store... 5 minutes from where I used to live in Narragansett...


Jason--just updated the list. Arizona is now on it. Only one store, but it's a start!

Jason Reed

Whoo hoo! One AZ store is better than none! Thanks.


No stores near me. Maybe I can use my connections with the Putty Man himslf to place my order personaly.

Peter Pawlowski

You should contact Games Unlimited in Pittsburgh, they'd be a good retail outlet for you here I think!



Hey Amanda,
What are the steps involved if a retail location is interested in stocking Thinking Putty?


Hi Cat,

Please email elizabeth@puttyworld.com. She will answer any questions you have!


Amanda @ puttyworld

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חדרי מלח

Great Buddy!! What an item with many features stick inside a single pack, “Crazy Aarons thinking Putty” is really crazy, using this item we can identify the finger prints of any one who touches it, but for some extent only, later it gets erases automatically.
Dear all, there are no specific items available in our county. I will provide my shipping details can any one transport it of me plzzz.

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