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May 10, 2010


James Trapani

Crazy Aaron... You Rock! Thanks so much for getting my Liquid Glass thinking putty shipped so fast! I know you want feedback. I read your description of the putty and was well aware of it's different characteristics from other putty that I am used to. I have to admit.. It's not as much fun for me to play with the liquid glass. I find it very sticky even though my hands feel very smooth afterward. Although it gets clear pretty fast I have sooo many little bubbles in mine that keeps it from being very clear. It also doesn't bounce like the others do. I'm sure others will think differently. If you ever change your formula and not make it as sticky let us know.



Thanks for the feedback! Crazy Aaron takes it very seriously. We will definitely work to change and improve this putty. It's a limited edition first run, so we'll see what others think and take it from there. Appreciate you taking the time to send us your thoughts!

Amy L Charles

James, my feedback included what you wrote, save for the the bouncing, which I haven't tried. [grin]

Along with the "extra" stickiness, I found that holding it (while twisting it) left me adorned in Liquid Glass. It rolls off easily, but I was surprised that it stuck so quickly. I'll probably do more admiring than playing.

It *is* fun to look at, and I find the bubbles rather cool: They give Liquid Glass a gin-and-tonic-in-suspended-animation quality.

James Trapani

You're right Amy. Although at first I didn't like the stickiness and wanted to just put it back in the tin and admire it, now I can't put it down. I love watching it go from cloudy back to clear. All my other thinking putty colors are jealous! LOL.

Amy L Charles

I wonder (but I don't want to ruin my putty finding out!) if charged Strange Attraction could be pulled through Liquid Glass with a magnet ...

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I got the super oil slick putty and it was very fun for the first day or two! Unfortunately, it has become extremely sticky. It is now impossible to play with without making a gigantic mess. I was really enjoying it but this makes it no fun anymore. Is there anything that I can do about this?

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